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The recorded history of tsunami in South India starts from the later quarter of the 19 th century. There are 4 records available.

The first entry is dated 31 December 1881. The second entry is dated 27 August 1883. The third entry is dated 26 June 1941. The fourth entry is the recent December 26, 2004 tsunami.

Apart from the above, there are minimal evidences that indicate that another 5 tsunamis would have occured in this region in the period preceding 1881. They are:

  • November 326 BC earthquake near the Indus delta/Kutch region. Alexander the Great was returning to Greece after his conquest and wanted to go back by a sea route. But an earthquake of large magnitude destroyed the mighty Macedonian fleet as reported by Lietzin (1974).
  • 1524 - Near Dabhol, Maharashtra
  • 02 April 1762 - Arakan Coast, Myanmar
  • 16 June 1819 - Rann of Kachchh,Gujarat
  • 31 October 1847 - Car Nicobar Island

References Edit

The full text references presented here come from the comprehensive compilation of the literature available on the topic by Dr.Lareef Zubair of Columbia University.The document is available at [1]

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